Mars Parachutes

Fly Safe Drone Parachutes


No need for manual deployment. Our system will automatically deploy your parachute for you. Saves time and your drone.

Light Weight & Strong

Our lightweight systems allow your drone to operate at full capacity all while providing the safety and peace of mind while flying.


Our parachutes are made with the consumer in mind and can easily be repacked and reused multiple times.

DGAC Compliant

MARS is constantly staying up-to-date with DGCA’s regulations in mind. We take pride in meeting standards set by DGCA so that you can fly without worry.

Make Every Landing Easy
With Mars Parachute Equipped

Deployment Options

Choose the best method for you.



Automatic Deployment

Can Detect a Crash Within 11 ft

No Flight Controller Required

Save $50 when you buy Mayday
with a lite or Pro System

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Manual Deployment

2000 ft Range

2 Different Frequencies

915 mHz or 433 mHz

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Reaction Time and Detection Time

Below we have given an example of a potential crash scenario and the estimated time it takes for our NOVA and Mayday systems to deploy a parachute.

Note: These times will not apply to every scenario. Other factors such as weather, environment, height, the weight of drone, etc. may skew numbers.

NOVA (Manual)

The NOVA system gives the pilot control over when their parachute deploys. When a crash happens, the pilot will need to activate the NOVA for parachute deployment manually. Depending on the reaction time of user, we suggest that the drone flies at higher altitudes. In our example, we recommend that the pilot fly at least 100 ft (30 m) if they were to react within 3 seconds of a fall.

MAYDAY (Automatic)

The Mayday system allows the drone pilot to fly at lower altitudes by being able to detect a potential drone crash within 0.74 seconds. Upon detection, the system will automatically deploy the parachute and help bring your drone back to safety.

About Us

As drone usage continues to increase in popularity worldwide, so does the need for crash recovery systems. MARS Parachutes was born in 2013 out of the need for affordable and effective solutions to the unplanned and inevitable accident.

Based out of southern California, our engineers and testers have almost 365 days of sunshine to test our products under ideal conditions, ensuring that each batch of parachutes is made of the utmost quality and integrity.


What Our Customers are Saying

“We use Mars Parachutes on every single Tuffwing UAV Mapper we sell. They are an incredible asset and give our customers some peace of mind when it comes to landing a drone. 5 stars! "
— Stephanie, TuffWing
“I have dealt with Mars Parachutes since 2015, I have purchased several of their products for the 5 drones I now have. Excellent products, service and great staff. Quick replies and very helpful before and after the sale. Highly recommended Mars Parachutes for your drone!"
— Jim Bundy, Mars Parachutes Customer

“...many express regret for not purchasing a parachute system sooner after experiencing the total loss of a crash... In the event of any unprotected crash, something is going to end up bruised: your drone, a bystander, your ego or all of the above. It’s worth it to invest in a safety measure that keeps you, your drone and those around you safe and out of harm’s way."