Fly Safe Drone Parachutes

Mars Parachutes For Drones

Peace of Mind

For safety, sanity, and the ultimate peace of mind. MARS Parachutes provide the systems that protect you, your aircraft, and everyone below. Fly Safe, Drone Parachutes, DGAC Approved

Light Weight and Reusable Solutions That Work

MARS systems that protect people and property, all the while bringing your aircraft home with little to no damage. Mars Systems are easy to repack and use.

Prevents Costly Damages

Crashes, damage, and liability are but a few risks drone pilots face. With changing laws and regulations an in-flight failure can destroy far more than your UAV. The answer? MARS Parachutes.

Drone News

Learn About FAA Part 107

Also learn how Mars Parachutes may be able to help you get exceptions.

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MARS with a little something Extra
By pairing this system with the auto deployment Mayday system, you now have a fully autonomous safety system that is ready to instantly deploy in the event of failure.

Mars MINI in action

“MARS Parachutes saved my Phantom Pro 3 today! I can not thank you all enough and I am very glad that I purchased your parachute system for my drone. I was working on a golf course shoot today and accident flew too close to the tree tops. Luckily the parachute activated(by a Mayday) and tangled in branches before my drone would have slammed into the ground.

I highly recommend purchasing a Mars Parachute system for your drone. Not only does it look really cool mounted but it will also save your investment.”
-Mick Uranko

MARS Parachutes New Products

The Mars NOVA

We have worked very hard on the NOVA. After many revisions we settled on the design which would be the most cost efficient and effective. We wanted the NOVA to be easy to use, small, and built to last a long time. NOVA will work on any drone that has a servo actuated safety system. After making the NOVA we quickly realized it could also be used for all sorts of applications that would utilize a single channel radio, but we’ll leave the possibilities to your imagination.

Phantom 4 lite

The new P4 lite system is on sale. Protect your Phantom 4.
Protect your investment and reduce your risks in flight. The MARS Parachutes Phantom P4 Lite is the ultimate low cost, light weight parachute recovery system that is tried, tested and most important of all, proven.
Don’t risk your next flight without it.

Mayday Boards 2.0

Mayday has released a new 2.0 version that includes software! There new software design will not only make using Mayday easier to use but you will also be able to retrieve more flight data then you could before. Some of the new improvements include LED brightness adjustments, improved axis calibration, easier lock and release setting, improved crash detection, and a more complete flight recording.

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