May 10, 2017
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August 16, 2017
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DJI Inspire 2 Pro


Pre-order for the Inspire 2 Pro includes the MARS NOVA.

Pre-order is available to everyone. The estimated delivery for Inspire 2 Pro pre-order is late March (dates may be subject to change.) Kickstarter supporters are our priority so pre-order delivery is set after Kickstarter supporters.

– High Strength, Light Weight Design
– Designed Specifically for the DJI Inspire 2
– Elegant, Practical & Purposeful
– Developed & Designed with the MARS 58 Parachute System
– Easy to Install w/ All hardware Included
– Quick Release Design
– Compact, Minimalistic Design
– Located Aft for Maximum Aerodynamics
– (1) Year Manufacturer Warranty

(1) MARS 58 Inspire 2 Mounting System
(1) MARS 58 V2 Ballistic Parachute System
(1) MARS NOVA – Parachute Radio
(1) Hardware Mounting Package

Weight: 1.16 oz. (33g)
Not Compatible with Mayday v2.1 or lower

Pre-Order The MARS Inspire 2 Pro


Inspire 2 Parachute System – Redefine Your Limits.

Add an entirely new level of protection to the Inspire 2 with the all new MARS Parachutes Inspire 2 mounting system, offering true levels of fail-safe functionality that no pilot should ever live without.

Compact, ultra functional and designed specifically for the Inspire 2, we have developed this system with the pilot in mind, allowing a one button parachute removal for rapid battery changes, along with a single clip removal system for the ultimate in ease of transport.

Light weight, purposeful and specifically designed to be utilized with the MARS 58 ballistic parachute system, this package provides the ultimate dynamic safety system for the Inspire 2 aircraft, allowing the parachute system to instantly deploy when an in flight anomaly occurs. Combined with the quick release mounting mechanism, this system provides the ultimate level of safety & functionality for one of the most sophisticated & expensive aircraft flying today.