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Here at MARS we are grateful to all the supporters for helping us fund the NOVA Parachute Radio System. We plan to keep everyone updated through Kickstarter and this product page.

Nov 17th – Pre-order is available to everyone. The estimated delivery for pre-order is late February (dates may be subject to change.) Kickstarter supporters are our priority so pre-order delivery is set after Kickstarter supporters.

Tech Specs:
Plastic Case:Made in the U.S. the shell is a special lightweight polymer perfect for flight applications.
NOVA Radio Weight:NOVA will weigh around 1.8oz (51.03g)
NOVA Receiver Weight:Receiver will weigh around .23oz(6.5g)
NOVA Radio Size:Length 3.5in (8.89cm) Width 2.375in (8.57cm), Final thickness will be around .5in (1.27cm)
NOVA Receiver Size:Length 1.75(1.44cm) Width 1in(2.54cm) Thickness .5in(1.27cm)
NOVA Radio Power:Integrated Li-Po battery
NOVA Receiver Power:Requires 4.5v to 6v input

Pre-Order The MARS NOVA
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Drone technology continues to advance on a daily basis, which requires drone safety to do the same. Some drones are able to descend, ascend, maneuver, and even flip at all new levels that will sometimes make automated safety systems difficult to use. Our goal with developing the NOVA is to provide you with more options so you can find the best method that supports your needs.

We have worked very hard on the NOVA. After many revisions we settled on the design which would be the most cost efficient and effective. We wanted the NOVA to be easy to use, small, and built to last a long time. NOVA will work on any drone that has a servo actuated safety system. After making the NOVA we quickly realized it could also be used for all sorts of applications that would utilize a single channel radio, but we’ll leave the possibilities to your imagination.