Drone Regulation Disaster – Fighting Back With Sensible Solutions.

Attention! FAA Part 107 affects you! This is not an issue to ignore, or something that will go away with time. Simply put, with the exponential rise of drone based UAS activity, safety & risk come center stage. Due to this, the FAA has stepped in to prevent risk and protect people, and whether you like it or not, FAA Part 107 directly affects you.

How does FAA part 107 affect you?

When utilizing a drone / UAS aircraft for business purposes, Part 107 states that the aircraft cannot be flown over people at any point of time as to avoid risk & injury to those within the vicinity of operations below. With this ruling in place, this new regulation restricts UAS operations in a massive way, making any aspect of drone usage near impossible when it comes to operations in the vicinity of people.

Written within the FAA ruling, Google has proposed a waiver to allow UAS operations within the vicinity of people, allowing safe UAS operations that will provide continued growth of this massively expanding industry. This waiver is no doubt the saving grace of UAS flight, as Part 107 severely restricts any aspect of UAS flight within the vicinity of people below. When read further, Part 107 even restricts UAS operations within the "possible presence" of people below, making any aspect of practical UAS flight near impossible when it comes to this regulation.

To Qualify for a Waiver

With the usage of proven recovery systems in the event of a failure, the FAA Part 107 ruling offers glimmers of hope via the paragraph that states “Your waiver application must outline how you intend to safely conduct your proposed operation, including any additional risk mitigation strategies you may use.” UAS operators must outline practical safety solutions that will allow flight over people without imposing risk or harm to those below in the event of an in flight failure. Operators such as “Airware” have proposed parachute technology to allow safe operation of UAS aircraft in the presence of people below, and with MARS parachute technologies, our tried, true and proven parachute technologies are by far the most practical and trusted solutions in the industry, bar none.

Safety First

As with any aspect of flight, failure is always an option. Responsible and experienced pilots know the limitations of the equipment they use, and even more, take the necessary steps to mitigate risk by utilizing redundant safety systems to not only protect their aircraft and payload investment, but to ultimately protect people below. This waiver will allow practical, proven technologies that will expand the opportunities of flight, versus grounding all manners of UAS activity due to this massively strict mandate.

At MarsParachutes

Don’t wait for regulations to box you out of the sky, and certainly don't risk the safety of people and property in the event of a crash. MARS Parachutes offers affordable recovery systems that work, utilizing systems we have refined and tested to bring your aircraft home safe and sound when things go wrong. We believe that our systems will qualify for parts of the 107 waiver, including flying over people, flying from a moving vehicle and more if you include an automated deployment device like the Mayday.

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