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MARS Parachutes for Drones

As drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), continue to grow in popularity worldwide, so does the need for safety systems, including RC radio parachutes. With regulations looming, RC radio parachutes are a natural progression in drone evolution. MARS creates a number of drone parachutes for property and public safety. Drone Market Booming
By all accounts, the drone market is set to explode. Some analysts predict that the market for UAVs will reach more than $4 billion annually by 2021, with a growth rate of over 100% every year

There’s already a large market for drones in a number of civilian industries including agriculture, construction, energy, film production, media, mining and real estate, where UAVs serve as work machinery. Other industries such as e-commerce and package delivery are on the horizon.
Looming Drone Legislation Proposed and already-existing drone legislation (such as that in France) (such as that in France) focus on public privacy and public safety.
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The Consumer Drone Safety Act (pending) , for example, includes measures governing:
1. Drone Operators—Education, certification, limitations on altitude and areas of operation of UAVs (such as near airports or military facilities) and more.
2. Drone Technology—Anti-tampering, collision-avoidance, altitude limitation, geo-fencing/GPS tracking for UAVs and more.

• MARS Lite Series 36 (for DJI Phantom 1 & 2)
• MARS Mini V2 (for UAVs up to 4 pounds)
• MARS 58 V2 (for UAVs up to 10 pounds)
• MARS 120 V2 (for UAVs up to 25 pounds)

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New Solutions

MARS MINI Phantom 3 Mount

The MARS MINI Phantom 3 Mount faces the MARS MINI down and out 15 degrees to avoid the landing gear and keep the MARS MINI from interfering with the props.

MARS Lite 36

A cost effective alternative to the MARS MINI
the new MARS lite 36 allows pilots to use any
size prop with the DJI Phantom 1 or Phantom 2.


Suggested Max Weight: 4 lbs (1.8kg)
Weight: 3.5oz (99 grams)


Suggested Max Weight: 10 lbs (4.5kg)
Weight: 10.2oz (289 grams)

MARS 120

Suggested Max Weight: 25 lbs (11.4kg)
Weight: 1 lbs 15 oz (.87kg)